Truth, hidden in full sight.

Magdi Badawy

"There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of truth, the contemplation of the reality and universality of consciousness."

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Rupert Spira

"The greatest gift one can render Humanity is to recognize one's true nature."


Priyam hosting a meeting for Gautam Sachdeva in Rishikesh.

Roger Castillo

Seeking has to be practical...
What do I really want?
Who cares?


Gautam Sachdeva


Ramesh Balsekar,
Gautam and Eckhart Tolle

Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.

This website -- LiveSatsang.com -- as a playful way to express my gratitude for all the human beings I me(e)t online; especially during the COVID lockdown experience (Collective Sickness.com).

What an amazing distanceless journey to understand the me-misery of my faulty thinking and to experience the effortlessness of simply Being.

So much suffering and psychosomatic pain, that it is just a miracle to still be here, in increasing simplicity; not necessarily easier, but simpler.

Thank you!

With love,

And a big cyber hug to my artist friend and Advaita lover Priyam @ PriyamSaini.com,
who just moved to Rishikesh.