Truth, hidden in full sight.

Magdi Badawy

"There is no higher contemplation than the contemplation of truth, the contemplation of the reality and universality of consciousness."

Rupert Spira

"The greatest gift one can render Humanity is to recognize one's true nature."

Priyam hosting a meeting for Gautam Sachdeva in Rishikesh.

Roger Castillo

Seeking has to be practical...
What do I really want?
Who cares?

Gautam Sachdeva

Ramesh Balsekar,
Gautam and Eckhart Tolle

Meet like-hearted human beings,  dedicated to peace of mind in daily living.

Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.

This website -- -- as a playful way to express my gratitude for all the human beings I me(e)t online; especially during the COVID lockdown experience (Collective

What an amazing distanceless journey to understand the me-misery  of my faulty thinking and to experience the effortlessness of simply Being.

So much suffering and psychosomatic pain, that it is just a miracle to still be here, in increasing simplicity; not necessarily easier, but simpler.

Thank you!

With love,

And a big cyber hug to my artist friend and Advaita lover Priyam who lives to Rishikesh.